Places to Visit Near the Grand Canyon South Rim in 2023 New List out.

When planning to visit the Grand Canyon, you will wonder which side you should see. And if you decide to go to the South rim of the Grand Canyon, it will be your lifetime experience. The south edge is full of amazing places, adventures, and things to do. The views here are unlike anything you’ll see anywhere in the world. Here we have mentioned a few amazing places to visit near the grand canyon south rim.

Places to visit near the grand canyon south rim
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So, whenever you visit, plan accordingly and with great preparation. Because you will not be able to travel easily in a hurry, ensure good practice before planning to come here. 

Some Facts about Grand Canyon:

The Grand Canyon will be located in Arizona. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and 18 miles wide. The National park doesn’t include the entire canyon, but it measures 1,904 miles in total. Rhode Island is 1,212 square miles. 

The Grand Canyon officially became a national park on February 26, 1919. It is one of the world’s seven natural wonders, as well as a UNESCO world heritage site.

What is the best time to visit the South Rim?

The best time to visit the Grand Canyon’s south rim is between April to June. In these three months, the possibility of rain is very low, and the hit has not yet reached so it will be great for visitors. After June, the place is crowded with students. So plan it accordingly if possible.

What are the best Places to visit near the grand canyon south rim?

South Rim is the most popular site of The Grand Canyon. The National Park Service manages South Rim. Every year 5 million visitors come to South Rim to enjoy its beauty and experience the adventure. The South rim is the most developed area in the Grand Canyon. It has multiple hotels, restaurants, and cultures to enjoy. 

On the south rim, you can enjoy the Grand Canyon Village and visit places like Kolb studio and Lookout Studio, and you can go biking or hike along the rim. You also can take a mule ride for more adventure by going to the bottom of the canyon. There are multiple hiking trails for beginners but make sure for hiking, try not to cover up everything in one day. 

The best Places to visit near the grand canyon south rim
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The south Rim is the home of dozens of viewpoints. For children and first-time visitors, South Rim is the perfect site in the grand canyon. It has many activities and amenities. Here are Places to visit near the grand canyon south rim.

Visitors Centre: 

This is going to be the first stop for the people who visit The grand canyon south Rim. Visitors centers have many facilities and activities. You should first see the Visitors center before entering the grand canyon.  

From the Visitor’s point, you can rent a bike. You will learn about park activities, hiking, attractions, hotels, etc. Also, you can buy souvenirs for the remembrance of the trip.

           It is best to start your morning at 5 am, and there are multiple hotels where you can stay if you return at 8 pm.

Desert viewpoint:

     In the Desert view center, you can see Grandview Trail. This popular viewpoint offers panoramic views of the grand canyon from east to west, including east of the Colorado river. Before visiting the Grandview trail, always try to get some information about the weather from guides from the Visitors center. It is a very sunny place in summer, and in rain and winter, it is risky but is one of the best places to visit near the grand canyon south rim. 

The Shoshone point trail has a breathtaking view of the eastern Grand Canyon. You must be very careful when climbing here because it has loose rocks and narrow edges. 

Along with Grandview and Shoshone point, Moran point is one of the most beautiful viewpoints to see the nature of the grand canyon’s eastern zone.

Just a few minutes away from the west of the desert view drive, the Navajo point offers a great view of the desert view of the watchtower. You will also enjoy the view of the north of the Colorado river.

Desert View Point of the Grand Canyon
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Mather Point:

In south Rim, Mather point is the favorite viewpoint for visitors. Although there are many viewpoints more beautiful than this, it is the closest to the entrance station. Just walkable distance from the visitors center, or you can call Canyon View Plaza. 

The viewing area is quite extensive – the point has two narrow, railed overlooks on projecting rocks and various viewpoints which extend to the west. Rim trail offers more visitors to the next end.

From Mather point east you can visit yaki point, Grand viewpoint, and Moran Point to the desert, whereas west of Mather point, you can visit Yavapai point to Yuma point till the last end of Piute point. 

Mather Point of the Grand Canyon
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Grand Canyon Village:

Grand Canyon Village is on the south Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Sites of attraction, amenities, and entertainment.

Lookout studio is one stop which was located in 1914. It is designed in a way that most visitors visit this place to enjoy the breathtaking view of the grand canyon and take photographs of the edge telescopes to observe the natural beauty of the canyon offered. 

Yaki point is the only scenic viewpoint in the desert view which is not allowed if you visit with a private vehicle. It can be reached if you book a Kaibab or rim route shuttle departing from the Grand Canyon visitor center.

Another place you can visit for the best hike is Ooh Aah Point. Which is a 1.8 miles hike is descending below the canyon rim. You can locate this place on the south Rim of the grand canyon. It is an easy way of hiking with a decent path. This road is only available for shuttle buses. Parking is available at the grand canyon visitor center.

Grand Canyon Village of the Grand Canyon
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Hermit Road:

Hermit Road is accessible throughout the year for hikers, bicyclists, and runners. The road is closed from March 1 to November 30. You can only be permitted by a subtle bus at that period of time. In December, January and February, you can visit by your private vehicle. 

On Hermit Road, you can find many places which give so much entertainment, like Transfer Station and Trailview. 

Trailview Overlook is the first step of Hermit Road. It offers a great view and soaks the view from a great angle from here. It is the easiest area from the parking to the viewpoint. The view is so awesome that you would love to sit there and enjoy some moments. It is just a 30-minute hiking part. 11-17 years old children can hike here, which is the most exciting part for them.

Maricopa Point is the first step of the west side of the south Rim and bright angel trail that ends at the Hermit’s rest. This is the only viewpoint that can bring you to the bottom of the grand canyon. In November, this place is worth visiting. The view is worth everything so make sure you go out to the point.

Powell point is named after John Wesley, whose statue you can find at the point. John Wesley was part of the National Park. There are multiple points that are more beautiful than this one but it is quite easy to walk to the point. So if you want to see the grand canyon in an easy way, this point is perfect for you.

Hermit road of the Grand Canyon
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Just a few steps away, you will reach Hopi Point. If you are a less crowded person, you are going to love this. Hope point is perfect for sunrise or sunset view. 

If you have come with your family yet to go hiking, Monument Creek Vista is the perfect point for you. Yes, it is not giving you the best view in town, but it definitely gives you a good amount of adventure with your family. You can park your vehicle at the Visitor’s point and take the village route bus. There are no hotels available, so make sure you book your staycation in other parts of the Grand Canyon.

If you are a hiking lover, Hermit rest would be a great place for you if you are visiting the Grand Canyon’s south Rim. It will take you to the bottom of the Rim. The view is outstanding, as well as the adventures. The hiking definitely tired you somehow. Winter is the best time to travel to Hermit rest. In summer, the bottom of the Rim would be warmer. 2 miles from the bottom of the Rim; you will find Santa Maria Spring. Trust me you can feel this place is one of the best places to visit in the Grand Canyon South Rim .

Stop and stare Hopi House:

Hopi house is full of American Arts and crafts. All the things you will see there are very much affordable and historic. The range can start from $20 to $20,000. You can’t resist yourself from not buying anything. Yes, the parking space is a little bit problematic but if you are there and here you should visit the place.

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Rim Trail:

If you are already completed Hermit road, you just have to walk a little bit to reach the south Kaibab trailhead, Pipe Creek Vista, Mather Point, and Yavapai Point. You can visit so many places on this road. You just have to be on time and have a little patience.

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Enjoy hiking to the bottom of the Rim:

If you are a hiking lover, you should visit the bottom of the Rim, which is worth hiking. There are two points where you can see breathtaking views of the inner canyon. One is Bright Angel Trail and South Kaibab trail. And if you want a proper experience of the canyon, this is the perfect place for you.

The Bright Angel trail is a 12-mile round trip, which starts from bright angel lodge and ends at plateau point. There are rest houses every 1 or 1.5 miles so if you are planning for hiking you can go for 3 miles and take a rest and return back from the resthouse. 

South Kaibab trail is 6 miles round trip, which starts from Yaki point and ends with a skeleton point near the Colorado river. If you do not have enough energy or time, you can visit ooh aah point or cedar bridge and return back. 

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Yavapai Museum of Geology:

It is located at Yavapai point. This place is all about the geology features of the canyon, and the panoramic window will give you a breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon. This place also has souvenirs where you can buy books and other historical stuff.

Yavapai Museum of Geology of the Grand Canyon
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Tusayan Ruins and Museum : 

It is located 3 miles from the west of Desert View watchtower. It is a great place to know more about the American Indian region.

Take a helicopter tour:

A helicopter tour is one of the best tours if you want to see the Grand Canyon’s exact view. It gives you an amazing and lifetime experience which can’t give at the viewpoint.

Helicopter Tour in the Grand Canyon
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Rafting on the Colorado river:

If you are an adventure person, you can enjoy white water rafting trips through the park. There are multiple options for you, starting from 1 to 18 days.

So, here we are wrapping up our guide to give you an idea of the best place you can visit in the Grand Canyon or south Rim. Whichever place you visit, you can feel all the places are full of historic information, and each and every view will make you mesmerize. If you have any questions or queries, let us know in the comment section, and we will try our best to give you all the answers.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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